Congratulations to Art McDonald and Canada's Solar Neutrino Observatory

Solar Neutrino Observatory detectorWith only a few days left as MP for Kingston and the Islands, I would like to recognize today a scientist in my riding of Kingston and the Islands, a former colleague and great Canadian who has been awarded the Nobel Prize in physics, Art McDonald.

Art has been the team leader of the Solar Neutrino Observatory, located in Sudbury Ontario. Over the last twenty years, SNO, as it is known, has allowed us to really understand how energy is generated inside our sun, and has shown that elementary particles called neutrinos have a mass, and contribute significantly to the total mass of the universe. SNO has made a historic contribution to our understanding of how our universe is put together, and contributed to the training of a generation of scientists, engineers, and technicians. Congratulations to everybody who has collaborated on the Solar Neutrino Observatory. Canadians are proud of you!

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